The workshop will take place in the building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, room 403.

Getting to Tartu

  • The most straightforward option is to arrive via air to the Tallinn airport, which is served by most major european airlines. After that:
    • The Tallinn bus station is a short (5-7 EUR) taxi ride away from the airport.
    • From the bus station, buses leave for Tartu every half-hour until 24:00 (although if you'd like to have internet access in the bus, you'd better board a bus at xx:00)
    • The travel time from Tallinn to Tartu is 2 hours 25 minutes, and the price is around 10-12 EUR.
  • Alternatively, Tartu has a small airport which is (rather infrequently) served by Estonian Air flights from Stockholm and Air Baltic flights from Riga. The former connects well with SAS flights sometimes.
  • For those travelling from Helsinki, the obvious option is a ferry to Tallinn. The available options are Tallink (more expensive, inconvenient departure port in Helsinki), Viking Line (average price), and Linda Line (faster, cheaper, smaller ferry, but can be unreliable due to weather). From the terminal, take a taxi to the bus station (7-10 EUR).
  • Just to be complete, German travellers have a hypothetical third option, provided by the Eurolines coach. This is, however, a long (>24h) trip which won't cost much less than a timely booked flight.
  • Do let the local organizers know of your arrival times - we shall do our best to aid you in your travels.


Rooms will be booked in the Dorpat Hotel, situated right next to the buss station. Accommodation (May 22-25, three nights) is free for workshop participants. Please, let us know if you arrive or depart on other dates.

Travelling in Tartu

Tartu is a small town, and most locations relevant to a visitor are easily accessible on foot.

The walking directions from the hotel to the university building hosting the workshop are here

Around Tartu

Note that if you have not had a chance to visit Tallinn before, you might want to leave yourself a day before or after the workshop to explore it as a tourist. Avid travelers may keep a yet another day for a short trip to Helsinki, which is is a 2.5-hour ferry ride away from Tallinn. If you have even more free time to spare, consider visiting Riga, the Latvian capital, which is 4-4.5 hours away by bus from Tartu/Tallinn respectively.